New Motor Installation

Garage Door Opener: The New Motor Installation

The basics of installing a garage door opener are quiet simple than it seems with tons of manufacturers and different parts. The Snoqualmie new motor installation instructions are clear and very helpful for the Do-It-Yourselfers along with labeled parts for their easy assembling. The opener installation process does not take much time and you will be having a functional opener in no time.

  • Opener Assembly: All the parts should be laid out as per the instructions. Start with the rail assembly then attaching the same to the opener’s motor head. After complete assembly of the motor, you can start with the installation.
  • Rail and Header Connection: The nest step in the garage door repair process involves the use of an 8-foot ladder. Open your garage door and mark it as high as you can and then close the door. The bottom of the header bracket will be placed two inches above the marked spot, at the centre of the door. Using two lag wooden bolts secure the header bracket at the second mark. Now, line up the motor with motor end towards the floor and header bracket with rail in it, on the door.
  • Motor Mounting: Put the ladder in the centre at the back of door tracks and the motor on the ladder. Raise the garage door till it is in contact with door. The door’s opening would ensure the motor assembly off the motor. Once the door is opened wide, 2x4 should be placed between the door and the opened rail.

For proper installation, fasten the hangers to motor heads onto the ceiling with lag bolts. Then, bolt the motor head to the ceiling hangers after lifting it.